As a teacher I cannot be perfect on all my work of duty,
It is the creation of gods to people working beauty,
As a student I cannot always do my home works perfectly,
It all happens in the life of the eternity,
As a parent I cannot serve my family properly everyday,
Everyone in this world cannot remain perfect every time,
They can pretend to the perfect person but, still no one is perfect,
This makes the world great to the great affect,
So before you judge people see how you are,
Avoid useless talks and travel to distance as far.
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DSC_0310No one living in the big earth except me without the pollution,
The smallest creature is me, on the earth without tension,
No people can rule me and regulations I can live as I like,
I can even invent many things and no one to mistake me,
When I grew all alone at last its seems to be boring,
no judgments, no arguments, and no fighting and no encouragements,
So I  started to join people and make many friends and started living,
Life is once keep enjoying every second of the life.





Violet, the royalty of rainbow makes a beautiful reflection of the sky,
Indigo, it is the negative effect still enlights the color and it refracts high,
Blue, denotes the wisdom it makes us attracted towards it showing spectrum,
Green, refers to nature it makes purity inside our mind then dispersion takes place,
Yellow, signifies happiness when we get excited seeing the rainbow arc,
Orange, expresses warmth when the sun shines after the rain,
Red, we admire and start loving the nature beautiful creation of rainbow.




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A little busy bee started my journey in the morning,
She flew with a great energy of roaming,
As she enters into the garden of sweet smelling flowers,
She sang throughout the garden for long hours,
Oh.. what a sweet pollen she has collected,
She went to the female flower and injected,
At last, she is now waiting for a new flower to grow,
With wonderful colors of flowers grown row by row.




God use the seas and rivers for his painting!
God drew a circle on a blue chart (sky at day) is the sun, gives energy to all!
God drew a circle on a black chart (sky at night) is the moon, cools everyone!
Spread the rest of paint on the sky become as cloud, gives rain to earth!
God tried using the brush on the earth, become natural disaster!
God Almighty alone erase and re-create this world!
Pray God to rescue us from disaster!



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Money is great power in society,
That gives a man royalty,
Without money people like fake penny,
So poor people population becomes many,
Saving is now getting less because of buying is more,
People are not like how they were before,
Money becomes a business even for an emergency,
One’s money sometimes helps other’s urgency,
Save money to help poor people’s education,
And money makes people’s separation.


Smoking causes cancer,
Pay twelve pennies for a cigarette and why lose twelve minutes of our life,
Pay same pennies to charity and save more people of their life,
Life is only one, enjoy your life and save other’s life,
Quit smoking and keep your family happy!


Mum is my first word that I know in the world,
She encourages a lot but never disgusts a bit,
I hate her at times but she helped me all times,
She enjoyed all our laughs and laughed with me,
Her blessing gives me confidence to over come any incidence,
She buried my worries and refreshed my strengths,
Proud to have a mother like her who deserve my love. ❤
I wish her a many more happy returns of the day!!


14576831726_06e6702c80_b-940x493.jpgMoving around every place in my cycle was a great joy of living,
With my friends and sister enjoying the ride by singing,
I saw much transports around me but still love my cycle,
So I had an idea to write about my sweet cycle with a cute title,
Chains moving without a gap and the wheel running faster around,
Racing on the fast moving track of cycle ground surrounded by people sound,
Oh, what a beautiful exercise of our body to reduce weight,
But people use scooters making nature’s fate very great,
Moreover, it is easy to escape from traffic and reduce pollution,
So, people of all country try to get a good solution(s).



A second of closing and opening my eyes I saw myself,
Is it the beauty of Gods creation that nobody else can do,
If reflection couldn’t be there I have not seen myself,
He has all the mightiest power than what others cannot do,
An ancient Greek mathematician Euclid was the one to found reflection,
Euclid as found them out with a great perfection,
Water, mirror and even your the sight of eyes reflects,
Has it reflects it shows the beauty of the object,
Even the milliseconds of crossing objects can be reflected on the mirror,
Without a milligram of reflecting objects error,
Mirror is the only person on the earth who never lies,
It can take all your feeling and do not cries.