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I started moving on footpath seeing many things all around,
In a distance, I heard a strange voice of sound,
Many men were stood around him I was wondering what would it be!
I rushed up if there was any problem to see,

I saw a small shop below the tree’s shade,
There I saw a lady cooking and serving strayed,
My tongue watered seeing the foods that she served,
Every day I see her serving and getting herself deserved,

No more I stopped and watched, but everyone looks at me,
Everyone sees me in the shop looking me differently but then too I had a tea,
It really it tasted very well everyone women come to take up Tiffen from there to home,
She left the shop by 11pm in the night and again 5am in the morning her job is to roam.

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No one was around me and my smartphone alone,
My brain is now becoming like a strong stone,
Information is now receiving faster throughout,
Internet usage increases without any doubt,
Addiction is now becoming stronger because of it,
The whole body is now thrown into the weak pit,
Keep sharing things without forwarding the boring ones,
Time gets whiling away faster with lots of funs…

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Friend is like the big world of family member,
They made forgettable thing remember,
Sister,mother,father and relations are too friend,
Where love and care do not try to end,
Heart full of love to friend messages are send,
Olden friends are now becoming golden,
New friends who are foe to you are broken,
Travel this whole day with your friends smile,
Take them with you to distant miles…
Happy friendship day throughout the world,
Today having a great smile,anger is hurled…




Words flow very often without any goals,
Without even from the depth of mind souls,
No matter how you speak in matters only what you speak,
It can even make the other person mentally weak,
your sweet words can even change the mind of serious conditioned people,
If you give the pleasant and heartful word are in heart no need for going steeple,
Help ever, hurt never are from depth of my heart,
This all a small cotations to be inserted in our life part,
Live life happily makes others happy.



I hate reading them as it is written by others,
Throwing out from my mind like the feathers,
Lots of creative thinking we have,
From your mind, you can carve,
God has blessed with good body to survive,
Be the great ones in this world till you are alive,
Books are just your preference,
Do make it as your reference,
They are heavy to carry which is not needed much,
So do avoid reading books at least touch them.

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The World is made of many disappointments and unhappiness,
Which made people to the great world of depression and loneliness,
It leads to fighting between peoples without reason,
It seems to be dry even during the rainy season,
Hating people causes nothing because the earth is unique,
But people on the earth differ from each other,
Love to stay in this world without hating people,
treat every individual and kids equal.



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Wow, while seeing it my mouth starts watering,
Every sweet little moments are started with it,
I wonder what makes everyone attracted towards it,
It  makes the cry of child leading to dental problem,
The original milk bars was started in the united kingdom,
But now in India selling dairy milk it earns a lot of income,
now small kids do even have proper teeth because of eating chocolates,
So start saving money and help other than eating chocolates everyday,
This makes your health as well as your money decline.
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An hour ago, I decided to quit,
Thirty minutes ago, I decided rarely,
Fifteen minutes ago, I decided occasionally,
Five minutes ago, I decided once monthly,
Two minutes ago, I decided once daily,
A minute ago, I decided once an hour,
Now, I decided this is the last one,
All I am thinking while I’m smoking!
But, an hour later…  🙂



As a teacher I cannot be perfect on all my work of duty,
It is the creation of gods to people working beauty,
As a student I cannot always do my home works perfectly,
It all happens in the life of the eternity,
As a parent I cannot serve my family properly everyday,
Everyone in this world cannot remain perfect every time,
They can pretend to the perfect person but, still no one is perfect,
This makes the world great to the great affect,
So before you judge people see how you are,
Avoid useless talks and travel to distance as far.
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